7 12, 2016

The meeting on the issues of intellectual property and access to treatment in EECA

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November 02-04 Tbilisi hosted a meeting dedicated to the issues of access to medicines in terms of the barriers associated with intellectual property. The meeting was attended by representatives from the following pharmaceutical companies: Pharmasyntez (Russia), Biocad (Russia), Cipla (India), Mylan (U.S.), Tatchempharm (Russia), and PharmEvo (Pakistan). The following issues have been discussed at the meeting:

19 09, 2016

Hepatitis C treatment: recommendations 2016

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The ITPCru team and SEVT Ltd. have developed a chart “Hepatitis C treatment: recommendations 2016” which includes the recent recommendations for interferon-free treatment of HCV-monoinfected (EASL 2016) and HCV/HIV coinfected patients (EACS 2016). The chart also contains updated tables with all approved direct-acting antiviral drugs, as well as information about drug-drug interactions (HCV/HIV drugs).

15 09, 2016

ARV drug chart 2016

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ITPCru has updated the ARV drug chart. The chart contains of the new ARVs approved by FDA and EMA, has updated information about daily dosage and treatment regimen, as well as treatment recommendations according to WHO 2016 guidelines.

8 06, 2015

Таблица “Минимальные, максимальные и средневзвешенные цены на АРВ-препараты в РФ”

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В таблице “Минимальные, максимальные и средневзвешенные цены на АРВ-препараты в РФ” отражены цены на все препараты для лечения ВИЧ-инфекции, закупленные в 2014 году, включая стоимость единицы (таблетки, капсулы, флакона), а также годового курса лечения одного пациента.